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Hello everyone.

Just bought a 2012 Hyundai Tucson after owning my first car for 14 years! I was an active member on having a 2003 Toyota Matrix and now I'm posting with you fine people.

As I now have a family with 2 children, I'm certainly not modding my car like I used to, however, I do appreciate a decent sound system. I decided to just upgrade the speakers. After removing the door panel (which was pleasantly easy) I found that the speakers didn't fit (even though Amazon said they would) Rockford Fosgate Punch P1675. I believe I need an adapter because the diameter of the speaker isn't long enough to reach the mounting screw holes. I also need an adapter for the speaker wires as the Tucson has a harness plug to plug in the speakers.

So finally to my question... Do any of you know from prior experience with the speakers which speaker mount adapter and wire harness plug I need for the car?

I figured it would just be easier to ask here... since the site is called "Hyundai performance" ;)

Thank you!
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