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Hi all, I am a new user wanting to see if anyone is able to shed some light on what could be causing the issues with my Veloster before I book it in to be assessed by the dealership.

Over the past couple of days when I go to start the car in the mornings and afternoons, it attempts to turn over for a 3-4 seconds before fully starts. Yesterday morning when it did eventually start it idled very strangely and sounded like it was going to stall. I turned the car off, then started it again and it was fine. On one occasion in the middle of the day, the car kept trying to turn over but did not start at all. I left it for an hour or so and then it started fine.

Yesterday afternoon after pushing the start button, it took a few seconds once again before it fully fired up however this time the RPM dial was not working. The car also felt very laggy and sounded like it was idling very low.

There are no lights on the dash to indicate any issues. I have had coils replaced in the past however the car went into limp mode and a engine light appeared.

I will be getting my battery check this afternoon to see if that is the cause of these issues however I'm not convinced due to the sickly idling sound and RPM dial.

Thanks :)
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