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New to this forum. Looking for ideas on how to achieve a faster 1/2 mile on my '12 Genesis R-Spec.
I ran the car at the Georgia Wannagofast yesterday. 4 runs. My top speed all 4 runs was 122mph. I couldnt get faster regardless of running or dig, traction control on or off.
On dig I was loading to about 1700 rpm, on run I was going to about 10mph before the start line.
On a personal note, simply because the editor of this forum said he didnt want to see how our Hyundai would beat a Viper, I beat a Viper over the 1/2 mile, simply because he couldnt get his car off the line, then broke loose at 2nd and 3rd gear ( and yes I have a video of a Hyundai Genesis R-Spec running a 1st gen Viper!
I beat a mildly modded Mustang GT, got beat by a Chrysler 300 SRT and a Porsche 928 running a Chevy 350.
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