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Hi Ya'll,

I have a 2011 Fe, and considering the new one.
Few things I'd like to get info on from folks that have the newer version of the 2L turbo, that I believe has some power loss but has gain better fuel #'s (2017-2018) I believe both are the same in this regards and previous year was faster, but more thirsty ? Is this correct ?

I like the idea of better fuel savings, but not if the power is too slow, example, I do not want my new car to take longer than..
8 sec. 0-100
16 sec. 1/4mile

I saw a car and drive review of the 2017, with reports of #'s just under these, and if so, I'm o.k. with that power balance for fuel savings.
I've also saw #'s stating 8.3 and 16.4 somewhere... so looking for feedback on anyone who knows which #'s are correct, if driving the 2L sport ultimate... maybe the base is lighter and achieves the better #'s and maybe the slower #'s are accurate for that may have been loaded model weighed down ? ?

Oh, I really need my next car to have a quieter cabin than my 2011 Fe, otherwise it's off the table... If anyone has Decibel #'s for the cabin, I'd love that info..

Also, I'm not loving the lowered 7.3" ground clearance, when I'm used to 8", and I do take her off roading.. :)
Likely stop doing that with the new one..
I'm considering the Outback, as well... loving the 8.7" clearance on that.
Considering the acura rdx .... not sure if I can wait for the 2019 model to come out...
Mazda Cx-9 (likely not, as more costly and awd system seems to kind suck)
Maybe the infiniti QX50, if one is avail to drive very soon, otherwise.. I kinda want a new car by Spring... but I should be patient as my fe, w/210K on it, is still running just fine.

Look forward to above question replies and any other good to know info on the 2018 Fe.
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