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2klo&show, I need your help

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Well, I got my MTX RT2600 but it looks like it doesn't have enough juice to power all 4 subs. Right now I only have 2 subs connected and it works great, but when I connect the other 2, i lose tremendous amount of power. I went to a local audio shop today, and they guy told me that I should get an amp of 1000 watts and that it should be 2 ohm stable.

Is there any way you can send me a diagram or instructions on how to connect the subs? Remember they are DVC 4 ohm 10" subs. I'm thinking I might have to return the amp and get a bigger one.

Please help,

--Redz<img src=icon_smile_dissapprove.gif border=0 align=middle>
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Here is what you need to do. Take the four speakers and group them in twos.

With the first set run a power wire from the amp to the first terminal of the first voice coil.
Then from the terminal were the first power wire was attached. Run a secound wire off that terminal to the terminal on the second voice coil of the same speaker. Then do the same again. Run another power wire off that terminal to the first terminal of the second speaker. Then from that terminal run a new wire the second terminal of the second speaker and your done.

Done the same with the ground wire. And wire the second set of speakers the same way and your done.
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