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4G63T swap Scoupe

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Hi there
I'm doing a 4G63T FWD swap into a 1992 hyundai scoupe (1.5L 4G15 12v engine) myself. my only question is with the ecu and engine harness. Ive been getting my information who has done the same swap himself (and a 12.9 1/4 mile) and he said he used the stock ecu with safc with the harness (from the eclipse). seeing as i am in australia - and we dont have the eclipse only the evo/galant, i'm wondering if i can use an eclipse harness/ecu with an evo engine (with FWD gearbox - he used a 1.6L elantra gearbox i think), or do i need to get the engine as well from an eclipse (as it is also FWD). also over in the US they have the driver's seat on the oposite side - would putting an ecu from one of their cars into mine make any difference? the local garage were trying to say i would need a motec ecu ($3500 tuned!!) and i cant use the 4G63T's ecu at all? i wanna know if he's telling the truth. i'm doing the install myself so would apprieciate any help.
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it should work as long as the ecu/harness & motor are of same generation regardless if the donor was Eclipse or Galant. but for harness it's possible wire colors may not be the same between the 2, not sure. I have manuals for both Eclipse and Galant but unfortunately not at my disposal atm to check schematics.

ECU shouldn't matter if it's from a right hand drive, though US market donors might have more conservative fuel mapping in order to keep emissions down. I'd certainly give it a try before dropping $3500.

best of luck - a 4G63T in an X2/Scoupe platform is a certified killer! :eek:gre:
i have the same swap on my lc but using a aem ems kinda pricey but welll worth it if u can have someone tune it for you
I work for a mechanic that specialises in EVOI-III and VR4. Your problems are easy fixed. Is it a VR4 engine? You can use your S-coupe loom and just add the wire for the knock sensor. You would be best off using the ECU that came with the engine(as long as it is suitable to be chipped). We can supply a chip to suit whatever size injectors and boost level you choose to run. Or if you want to keep it stock, just leave the ECU as it is.
You will need to use a VR4 fuel pump or if you fit bigger injectors you will need bigger fuel pump(walbro 255). If you have more detailled questions I will give you contact details via PM.
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