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I have the latest model Accent 1.6 GDi Auto from Australia that has some issue with the Accelerator being to sensitive.
The problem is i dont have pedal control to allow me to get low RPM(eg. 1500 rpm). Its either around 3k rpm or idle.
This is causing the car to surge/jerk while trying to maintain a constant slow speed(eg 50kph). More noticeable the slower i go.

I have attached a scanner and can confirm the Throttle Position Sensor(TPS) is not in sync with the Accelerator Pedal(AP).
With the engine running and in ‘P’ I press the AP to about 1%, this will cause the TPS to go to 10%.
With the engine OFF but ignition ON and I press the AP, the TPS is closely in sync. 4%AP = 5%TPS. 10%AP = 10%TPS

Another post regarding this issue has been posted in the newbie forum and may have not been seen.

Can others confirm if there car is the same or has no issue. What year/engine etc..
Has anyone resolved this issue before?

The dealer has confirmed there is an issue. Even the dealer demo car had this same issue.
We are just not getting any resolution.
I have seen Post about other Hyundai/kia model doing the same thing, but not sure if our issue is isolated or its a software issue across the board. Just people live with it?
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