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5 speed to 6 speed swap in a GK V6

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I was wondering if anyone knew what was involved in the 5 speed to 6 speed swap in the GK V6 tib. I need to know what I would need besides the 6 speed tranny. Also if anyone knows where to get a 6 speed tranny that info would be helpful too. Thanks.
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try or ebay for the trans.

Ive driven both, best freind had a 5 and a 6spd. He traded in the 6spd for his suby and I agreed with that. I dont think its worth it, IMO.
parts needed: 6 speed tranny, shifter cables, and new inside shifter tray (entire linkage and shifter assembly) best to go to a junkyard and rip it out urself.

but as in going from 5 to 6, i would stay with the 5. i bought mine with a 6. but i dont really prefer one to another. money that would be spent getting one more gear could be used to shave .5 sec off ur ET time in the 1/4
Stock 6spd and 5spd driven by the same driver/same day. Only diffrence being the 6spd was around 20k miles, i think and the 5spd had only 5k miles (not really broken in all the way) 0.1 secs in the 1/4 :ermm: His 5spd with a cold air intake made better times than the stock 6spd later. If you want to rip apart the car, get an upgraded clutch/flywheel combo and an LSD. I really think I remeber seeing something on about an LSD for the 5spd tibs. Something tells me you would see more gains for near the same price. That depending on how cheap you could find the 6spd.
your bettter of get the 6speed from kdm it has short grears than the usdm one
Thanks, I'm probably gonna just stick with the 5 speed then. Does anyone know where to get a good clutch/flywheel and shortshifter for the 5 speed? All the ones I see are for the 6 speed.
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