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5spd conversion

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how much would it cost me to do a 5spd conversion on my 2k elantra and does anybody know anybody that can do it for a cheap price on long island <img src=/images/forums/snitz/smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0>

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or me and my brother were thinking of doing something really retarded with me car and try to throw in a heavy duty tranny and a hurst shifter kind of thingy, is that possible or did i just make a complete ass out of myself

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KAKA! damn yo that means i have to hold off on my other mods <img src=/images/forums/snitz/guns.gif width=33 height=16 border=0> oh well 5spd HERE I COME!

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damn it, its funny how i paid extra for the auto(don't ask why) and now i have to pay extra to get to manual, now i have to stop my plans to do this up because come on, girls are attracted to guys who know how to work the stick<img src=/images/forums/snitz/finger.gif width=33 height=15 border=0>

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<img src=/images/forums/snitz/eek.gif width=15 height=15 border=0> $1500. Im definitly doing the conversion, and its gonna be my NEXT mod, i'm planning to do it within 3 months time, thats my goal, hey already got 400 bucks so i'm on my way to 5spd fun. as soon as i get the money all ready and find a person who can do it and NOT screw it up, you'll be getting an email<img src=/images/forums/snitz/thumbup.gif width=25 height=18 border=0>

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