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5th injector

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I have a piggyback Evo tech 2 (god knows who made this) and I think about installing it on my 1.5 SOHC turbo. I have beta injectors installed now. Do you think that the piggyback plus the beta injectors are too much for 7 psi or should I throw the piggyback and keep only the injectors?

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So, any props? Come on people
does the piggy back support overdriving the injectors?

if your other injectors are able to sustain a ~10:1 afr on boost then you prolly don't need the beta injectors. i know with the 1.6 dohc / map the stock injectors are pretty good for um nothing, hopefully your experience is different.
The only thing that this crap does, is to control the 5th injectors and fueling it
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