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92 Elantra Transmission Swap Problem

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I was just reading some posts and I agree that Hyundai automatic transmission SUCK. So I took it upon myself to do a automatic tranny swap to manual in my 92 Elantra. Well after 20 hours of knuckle bashing work and figuring out the little wiring bugs and other little tricks to be found I got these results:

Car starts, engine runs smooth, hydraulic clutch works heres where it goes downhill. Took the car for it's official test drive when just as I get half way thru 1st gear I get clunk clunk clunk and into second it goes too. It sounds like someone repeatedly pounding something hard. The faster the car goes the faster the clunks. The tranny swap itself was a 94 elantra manual transmission into a 92 Elantra. Any clues or ideas what it could be. It may be the drive axles but I'm not sure. If anyone knows if the axles from a 92 auto are different from a 94 manual let me know. keep in mind the transmission was a used one. Maybe the differential? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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not sure...but I do know this: guy swapped a mitsu 4g63t into his mirage...basically the same car as your Elantra. He had to use an axle from an automatic elantra because the mirage manual trans axles were too short for the maybe the passenger side axle is too long.
Or, the syncros are shot, or the trans itself.
Thanx. I did some more homework on the axles and it turns out that the passenger side is too short. Now gonna try to get it fixed on saturday.
All right the axles were the big issue here. Got them swapped out and now the car runs totally smooth. I am enjoying the fact that now I get better pickup, response and way more potential out of my motor!!! Thanx for the responses to my helped me a ton. This was my first post on hyundaiperfomance and i am glad there are so many other Hyundai enthusiast out there and willing to help. I hope I can do the same for others so for anybody wishing to swap from auto to manual it can be done but be prepared for skinned knuckles and a whole lot of cursing and swearing. I reccomend having a good friend who is patient enough to help you along and has as much of a half a** idea of what they're doing as you do!!! So here is a list of parts you will need to do the swap:
Tranny (Duh!!!)
All clutch parts (cables, shifter, master cylinder, pedal assemblies)
AND the starter.
If I think of more I'll post it.

You will need to make little wiring mods or adjustments.
The entire dash will need to be taken out including all heating components inside the car. If you have A/C you can work around it though. The brake assembly is a real pain in the a**.

Time is a big factor for this job. Roughly the 2 of us put in about 40 hours in between the both of us. That includes getting the tranny and parts out of the donor car and installing into mine.

Any questions regarding doing this type of swap just leave a line and I will see if I can give you any useful info.
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