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93 Lantra (aka Elantra)

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ok thought i would post some pics, this is actually my mums Lantra but its not stock..

its a 5-speed manual, 1.8l
mods so far are

VDO Headunit
Response 4" speakers
Sony Xplode 6" speakers
SAINTusa 2 channel amp
Sony Xplode 12" sub
8" flip down screen/DVD player

and we are getting some 16" or 17" chrome mags and adding white walls to the tyres and
we are going to lower it about 1"

and tomorrow we are triming the door inserts and parcel shelf in blue vynel (spelling)..
she wants more power so we are looking into a 4G63 Turbo from a VR4 Galant..

heres some pics

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Originally posted by hybrid_turbo
and we are getting some 16" or 17" chrome mags and adding white walls to the tyres [/body]
No offense, but that will be ugly.
meh i just have different taste to you :)
just cos you think it will look ugly dosent mean i think its ugly..

each to their own :)

EDIT) this is a chop i done of what it will look like (well besides the bonnet)

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Yeah I don't know about the chrome wheels....... They might also be very heavy...
Dood, you put the strap over the speaker!?!?! Umm.. how is it suposed to move then? I dont know about that sub.. but my infinity's move over an inch both in and out.

And that cars is just screaming for a 4g swap. And for the rims, they look nice.. but they will weight so dam much. Kill your acceration.
yeah the chrome rims will be heavy but we may not be getting those rims. are looking at
some lenso rims (black center, chrome lip)

also that sub dosent move out that far at all and dosent touch the strap, it does usally
have a cover over the sub and the strap is usally lower but we took it all out and had about
10mins before the cruise so its like that now...

and yeah we are looking at a 280hp 4G63 Turbo from a VR4 Galant atm, so will see what

whats involved in the swap? :)
why dont you just buy your own car and leave your moms alone;):lol
i have 4 of my own cars ;)

im not doing my mums car up, she is 8D
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