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Ok. So we're lined up on a three lane stoplight...Maxima (probably auto) 2000 Eclipse, and my all-powerful Elantra. The Eclipse
had just the driver, the Maxima had
a fat, bucked-toothed freak riding
shotgun. I was alone, except for my inflatable travel companion<img src=/images/forums/snitz/wink.gif width=15 height=15 border=0>.
I was really more worried about the Maxima than the Eclipse, because I my friend David has a GS and I know what they can do. Anyhoo, I figured the really fat stooge would slow down the Nissan and reved up to 2500
and slipped the clutch.<img src=/images/forums/snitz/smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0> I pulled ahead from the get, but the Maxima was like 1/2 car length behind as I glanced in my side-view mirror, I ignored the Eclipse trying to stay ahead of the Maxima...which I did,
adding another car length to my lead. The Eclipse was a car length behind the Maxima and was never in it...he did give me a fly-by after the race was obviously over<img src=/images/forums/snitz/laugh.gif width=15 height=31 border=0>
Does Hyundai rule? Yes, yes it does.<img src=/images/forums/snitz/tongue.gif width=15 height=15 border=0>

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