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So, I got a question for the owners of 1995 Accents...

I recently had my timing belt strip itself, and I'm in the process of getting everything working again. Much to my incredible annoyance however, it seems like damn near every third part I get from the stores (Advance, Autozone, Napa, all of them) is just flat out wrong. It seems that only the things that didn't change from like 91-99 work. (like my water pump gasket, for example)

So far, most of these places won't even get me stuff in the stores, I have to get it all online. Thankfully I can return the parts to the stores, but I'm having to wait a very long time inbetween to get anywhere on this project.

So far I've had an improper timing belt tensioner, timing cover gasket, valve cover gasket, and head gasket!

Has anyone else encountered this problem? What do I really need to shop for, an '94 elantra, '96 excel? I have a sneeking suspicion that the 95 year is just some bastard child version of the 94 excel and the 96 accent. Even the Haynes manual wiring harness color coding is wrong!

So tomorrow, I'm heading down to the auto parts store, demanding my money back, and then probably calling up the dealer to find out if/where I can get a goddam head gasket.

Anyone know of any decent places to get Hyundai parts? (Asside from the normal do-it-yourselfer places, that is.)


Thanks for the help
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