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95 x3 accent1.5l sohc motor needs info for steroiding the hamsters.

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whats the diff between accent x3 manifold and scoupes turbo manifold? Never seen a scoupe around my area,,, Has ne one turboed this motor succesfully without lag or bad combustion. What i have so far is 2 1/4 piping alum,T25 mitsu evo 3 intercooler.. I need to drop the complvl so i can run safely over 12 psi. need some pistons and rods. Any suggestions would be great and has any one found a copper gasket for this engine? If there is no aftermarket internals, will the the turbo scoupe's pistons work.
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the scoupe intake manifold saposally distributes the air to each cylinder evenly so i guess it would be better. Someone on the forums with a supercharger setup used it. Scoupe pistons will work but offers engine rebuild kits too. Im planning to build my motor as well but waiting to get my extra motor.
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