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96 Hyundai Accent GT

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I just bought this car, and would like to know everything that I can buy new or find from other cars, that will work for mine.(i.e: bodykits, wings, performance upgrades, fenders, rims, etc)
I am mechanically inclined with cars, so I am willing to modify to get things to work out on the car.
I live in Canada and would prefer stuff from Canada, so it doesnt kill my wallet, but I am willing to look at stuff out of Country. Please post on this with helpful replies, or email me. Thanks:D

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Beta Swap.. :cool:
Performance- Could swap the engine from a tibby or elantra, Intake, Exhaust, Header, BBTB, SAFC

Looks, I'm sure if you want to get crazy enough you could put any body kit on, but thats all up to the time any money your willing to spend.

I don't see why a wing won't fit from any car, some just might look better than others
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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