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97 Elantra Suggestions

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OK so i have a 97 Elantra i didnt plan on keeping the car, was just gonna get it fix it up and resale it... but i have grown kind of attached to this car, which i have named "The Duk"

Well i doubt there was any work done to the engine, just horrible wiring thrown all about. they had put on some hideous 16" rims, but im swapping them out for some 14" rims my buddy would use for racing his saturn, just got new tires on em. the paint job is a nasty green with a little bit of that sparkly glitter crap, and the front bumper is all fubared, still cant get it to sit right.

But anyway, aside from a few cosmetic issues, and some rewiring, the car is in pretty decent condition.
Had to work the heads when i got it cause they were warped, but i have a few hooks up in the car world and got it done for pretty cheap.
So i started to see potential in my little Duk and began looking into what i could do with this car

its a 1.8 DOHC 24v manual trans
and i think the stats are about 130 hp, and 2400 curb weight
and i figured that i could work with that, see what i could sqeeze out of that engine

So what i am asking is what could i do to start... i really dont want to add a turbo or anything, im not sure that little engine could handle it...i could be wrong

my only problem is that i cant really find to many parts for that year, most of them are for the newer models

I was thinking just to start out getting an intake, header, and exhaust...
thats just for now, my friend was suggesting that i bore out my cylinder walls get some slightly larger pistons, and swap out the cam shaft.
now im no mechanical genious when it comes to engines, thats why im wanting to start off slow.

and once i have done all that i can to that engine and gained some more knowledge, i wanted to swap out to a larger more capable engine

So i was also wondering what kind of engine swaps i could do... like possibly taking a 2.0 engine and throwing it in there, or see if i might be able to get a different make engine in there, like a spoon motor or h22, something along those lines, unless thats not possible or just not cost effective.

cause as far as machining new motor mounts or cutting portions of the wheel wells out to get the motor fixed that wont be a prob, my cuz owns a machine shop. Now i remember reading something about the trans on my car was mounted on the driver side, and most engines have it mounted on the passenger side... correct me if im wrong
Im still learning so im trying to take in as much info as possible.

and while this car is being "experimented" on im trying to get a 96 3000GT, base model, but i can get a LS engine in there for cheap. just to keep me on the road, then once my Duk is finished ill pop that VR4 engine in and start work on that car =), by that time ill be more knowledged and know what im doing.

Thanx in advance
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well if you want to turbo, these little engines accutally take alot of abuse. Think 8-12 psi daily driver. That might throw down 240ish horsepower depending on fuel, exhaust, and ecu managment.

Intake, header, and exhaust is what i have on mine, and i tuned it with a SAFC-II. Runs purdy good i think, i still get 31 mpg, and about a 15.9 1/4. Thats not too bad for a 3000 pound car. Lowering it was a ton of fun and now its like driving a 4-door go kart. its awsome. lol.

Engine swaps? Um.. none that are cost effictive. What is tho.. is getting a newer Tiburon transmisson. They have a different 1st, 2nd, and final drive. Worlds of difference. I have a 2001 Elantra one.

If you want power, its boost for sure.

Anyother questions?

You can pick up parts at, the HP store, i think its still open.. lol.. and find stuff on ebay. Got my header there for $190 bucks. sweet deal.

There is also some stuff in the forsale section in this forum.
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thanx for the info, im sure i will be asking for more from you guys.

oh yeah i was wanting to change my dash cause i have the base dash setup, i want the one with a tach in it... i really dont want the aftermarket tachs and crap, kinda tacky IMHO
and i am wanting this car to be a sleeper... cause where i live...Bakersfield, CA... this car is laughed at constantly, but none of them have even really given it a chance... i tell them the few stats that i know and they are surprised, i was as well when i seen them

cause i seen indiglo for my car, but i didnt want to get it and then find the dash that i wanted and buy it again
would it be best to buy it new or try and find one in a scrap yard... cause the scrap yards in my town all the hyuandais are pretty much stripped of the parts i need. sun visor mounts, interior door handles, ash tray, and a couple other things

Thanx again
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Yeah.. ive wanted the Tach dash for... hmmm.. 3 years? I havent found one that will fit yet. The wireing is COMPLETELY different. If your good with wireing, and have a REALLY good wireing diagram, you could hard wire it in.

I got a small tach and mounted it on the sterring colum, you dont have to go big. It works, its small, and it almost looks stock.

Click on the attachment to see what i mean.

And here is some food for thought on what to do with your car.


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Psh.. only four pics per reply.. thats... not cool. grrr new site. lol.

On my myspace page there is some videos.. and here are some exhaust ones to drool over..

Drag race...
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Damn im liking those pics
and love the drag vid
i cant wait till i start working on my car
that way i can show off my car
Uber huge vid, but a bunch of us tear it up in the sand. Including me car!! wee! and you get to see my underwear too.:D


OK Wilbur you have helped out quite a bit...

Now a few questions... ok my tranny is going out... when i start off it feels like its still in nuetral then after a little bit it goes into gear, its worse in 1st 2nd is a little better and 3rd doesnt really show unless i slam on the gas.

but i was told that is the transmission... well anyway i read somewhere that a newer tiburon tranny would fit quite well in my car and would be a bit of an improvement

im just wondering what year tiburon and any specifics of which one i should get

i will be needing one pretty soon, i felt it slipping in 4th today... ARG!
oh i forgot to ask hey Wilbur was that a custom mount for your tach, or factory made?

cause thats probably where im gonna mount it
That sounds ALOT like a clutch. When you floor it does the engine rev up but the car not move with the revs? Like a downshift in a automatic, but its a stick. Did that make sense? Yes, 96-00 Tib trannys will fit. They are the same car, just two doors.:D

The mount was the one that came with the tach. Just drilled a hole in the plastic cover, and used a small bolt with a locking nut. Yeah, it looks very clean, factory like you said. You dont need a humogo tach, and even better, it was only $29.99. Not the $299.99 that the monster ones cost.

Youll have fun wiring it, ill climb under and find out which wire it was again for you, its like the only soild white wire on the car.. i THINK.. that you need for the singal wire.

Your welcome for the help, its nice to see that there are fellow J2 owners out there who are into modding their cars. There arnt enough of us.:cool:
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Yeah then it is the clutch
it does do that but sometimes i can start off without it slipping at all only when the car is warm... its weird

well anyway
yeah i am gonna redo alot of the wiring in the car, or rather remove all the unescessary wiring that was put in there... a jumbled mess

most of my day tomorrow... or rather today, is gonna be alot of cussing and frustration, but it will be worth the end result

yeah i am loving this car though
J2? is that like gen 2 of the elantra?
sorry im still learning

well anyway im gonna go to that norcal hyundai meetup in fremont its gonna be awesome to see all the other hyundai enthusiasts, and the girl hosting said they are all cool and will answer any questions about my car that i have, which there will be alot...=/
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Yeah, the J1 was the mitsu powered one that they stopped making in 95, 96-00 was the J2 with a mid production run change in 99. Some stuff from 99-00 wont fit on the 96-98. So yeah, its the J2. The XD is 01-06. 07 was a new one, forget the model code.

Upgrade your clutch or something, i picked up a 4 puck XTD clutch, like a mild street strip. love it. Can anyone say third gear rubber? :D
yeah thats what im wanting to do... but i gotta see prices

oh and i just picked up a dash cluster with a tach in it for 15$
now i just need the wiring and harness... right?

i have to mess with the wiring anyway
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