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97 tiburon engine same as honda vtec?

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I had a mechanic tell me that the same engine iin a 97 tib fx is the same one used in the honda vtec motors. I then asked him well why is the horsepower so much lower then? He said he thinks its because the throttle body on the tib is smaller then on vtec(im guessing b18 motor) but they are completely interchangeable. Is this true? If so then swapping out the throttle body would give a HUGE increase in horsepower.

Also, there is a lifter tick in the engine of the car i bought this weekend. He says its 100% normal for this type of engine and there is nothing wrong with it. He says all vtec motors have a similar tick, even brand new this true?

Thanks in advance.
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Your mechanic is retarted, i would never let that guy EVER touch my car if he thinks that a hyundai engine is the same as a vtech motor. The only similarities between the vtech and the beta(your engine) is the size. Im not a honda technician or anything but did you ever think why in the world a company would make an engine with a tick in it. If the oil wasnt changed change it and see if that gets rid of the problem.

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Yes, i did wonder why on earth a company would do that. I found it pretty stupid myself. Thats why I asked you guys. The oil is about half way full, so i assume he never did change it or else it would be topped off. I had him gurantee me that if i take the car to a Hyundai dealership, and they said something was wrong that he would fix it for free. I could see the engine possibley being made by Honda, but what i couldnt see is it being the same as a vtec motor considereng the b18 has like 170hp and mine has 140. He claimed that the throttle body was about 4mm smaller on the hyundai, and he thinks thats what takes away the 30 hp. I thought to myself, if increasing the bore size gave me 10 hp i'd be impressed, let alown 30.

This guys isn't stupd though, he's got good credentials. Perhaps he just doesnt know diddly about domestic, but thinks he does.

side note: is there anyting about this motor that is known to be highly restrictive? Basically a single mod unique to this engine that yeilds impressive results? (ie: 10hp+)
I asked this with the intent on being told the basics like CAI, improved exhaust, etc.

side side note:dumb question but what oil does this car take? I dont have a manual. Ill prolly google the answer before i get a reply anyway tho

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The tick might be the injectors. Hyundai injectors are known to make some noise.

Also your motor only claims 130 stock. They where "lying" about power output at that time and the 2.0 was only making 130. If I had to guess the 1.8 was really around 120. :ermm:
You know what, the engine tick does sound like its coming from the ecfi moreso then the block. What does this mean for me? Do i need new injectors? Is this potentially harmful to the engine?
A tick from the injectors isnt really a big deal, try some injector cleaner to see if it helps. Never take your car back to that guy!
My elantra does it, my accent did it, all three of the accents my freinds had/have do it, my best friends two tiburons do it, and my wife's best freinds elantra does it. Unless its doing it to the point you can hear it like 50ft away or your actually showing problems that would suggest a fuel related.... leave them alone.
well thats a relief, i'll try the cleaner and see what happens. I will no longer concern myself with it though. Can you guys kindly refer me to a mod tutorial on my tiburon? Like for instance, the most logical way to upgrade engine components on it?
Hit the Search button at the top of this page.

Also, visit They got some good stuff there too. But, is so much better.
Wow, I don't care what that mechanic's credentials say. He's a COMPLETE moron. There is zero in common between the Beta in your Tib and any Honda motor. Seriously, don't let this guy so much as change your oil.
you should tell that guy that the rx-7 motor is the same as a geo metro motor. if it takes him more than 2 secs to reply thatn he's a major idiot.
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