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98' Accent tire

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Here is the idea: a Canadian 98 Accent ''sport'' trim were fitted stock with 175/65R14 tires. I am looking for the biggest wheels maybe 17'' or 18'', so i need to know if a 215/35R18 will fit, if someone is already using same width and same diameter tire in different rim size ex(205/50R16, 215/40R17 and so on). If not, is a 215/30R18 exist, that should fit better, according to miata's tire calculator. I know a 215/35R18 will have a bigger diameter than the stock, almost one inch. I f i order the wheels and tires, none are refundable..... Any advise will be apreciated.
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I have 205/45R16s on mine ... had to roll the fender lip and I still get rubbing.

I first did a +1/2 step up to 185/60R14s, so the 15 would be 195/50R15 and the 16 should be 205/40R16 ... to go any larger the tire itself would be too wide to fit in the wheel well, unlesss you want to do some bodywork.
Then the 17 would be 215/30R17 and the 18 is a 225/20R18.
These sizes will keep your speedo very close to accurate.
Good Luck dude! :)

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Your tires are rubbing? Strange, where it's rubbing? Your setup gives you only .3 inch taller than 175/65R14. 215/30R17 will give 22.1 inch diameter, and the 225/20R18 does not exist, well, to my knowledge... we must keep in mind to keep the speedo accurate, wheel diameter must stay close to 23 inch +/- 1/2 inch max. I want to know if someone has already tried to fit 215/35R17 or 215/30R18 on a 95-99 Accent. If not, i will be the first LOL =) Try this tire calculator =
Why do you want 17 or 18 inch? You totally loose all your HP because it takes soooo much for the car to get going. 15 is recommended by me personally as it looks good and they make very light weight rims that size (and the tires are cheap). 16 would be the largest I would go. 17-18 just makes the accent look like a roller skate. I know from personal experience.
They are rubbing actually on the rear bumper part of the wheel arch ... I'll take pics and post them. They are also still rubbing on the rolled fender lip ... they are shaving my sidewalls ... NOT GOOD :(
I'm planning on doing a fender flare to give extra room.
Damn Platinum! Your tires are too big! I just met my friend today, he got a 99 Civic SI with 205/40R17 and we took 15 minutes to swap one wheel on my Accent, cool! it fits right well! Maybe a little too high on radius 205/40R17=23.5 inch. I just wanted to see if a wider tire would clear the mcpherson strut. Now i know. I will go for 215/35R17= toonew too expensive, i would go for 205/40R17...

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What do you mean they are too big? They're 205/45R16s they came with the rims ... I want to switch to 205/40R16 to get close to the stock size.
They only rub when I hit some big bumps during hard cornering.
Which considering the roads I drive on is almost every corner.

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Originally posted by ftwvampftw
17-18 just makes the accent look like a roller skate. [/body]
LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
So what? I do my customisation on my car for me, not the others, i just want to know what is the max tire widht, and i forgot to say i will not drop the suspention.
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