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Answers in order that you posted:

1) If you don't know which cable, I recommend getting someone to install it. It cost me $140, and the fact that someone who knows that they were doing did it, I probally saved $3,000+ for a replacement engine.

2) I m not familiar with the fuel pressure regulator. It will come in handy if it works with your 2.0L, key is not to run lean therefore you would probally want the richest mixture without bogging.

3) that will not hurt your engine. Most if not all nitro kits work at pedal to the metal. Make sure you are using it at about above 3,000 RPM. I use mine in 1st gear and it works fine nothing wrong with the transmission or nothing.

4) I disregarded this step and nothing happens. I believe its to flick the switch while the bottle is closed to create a vacuum? therefore when you open the bottle you get a better burst, who knows.

5) you can leave it open all the time. Cop pulls you over and notices its open while you are driving on the street, just bend over so he can screw you up the ass with tickets. I leave mine open cause I drive a "family sedan" so no one knows.

6) refer to the shop or to the company the kit is from. Most you can order off the company web sites.

7) I don't think so. Then again I don't care cause I don't keep a car for more then 3 years. I believe if you use it for 50,000km (not directly use it I mean on and off), it would probally be the same as if you drove 100,000 km without it.

Side note: Buy an Air/Fuel Monitor. You will at least have added security knowing your not running lean and therefore BLOWING up your engine.
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