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Hi All
This is the second time I am posting on the forum. My first question was unanswered, so i had to figure out the solution myself. ANyhow could some one tell me a fix to my problem, i.e. my A/C doesnt work when my car is idling. The A/c gas was changed 2 months. Also my radiator fans start really late. And then shut off really soon, due to which my car overheats at times... Please help me fix the problem :(
Someone told me there is this A/C amplifier switch somewhere, on which you can adjust some sort of nut to engage the a.c even at idle. I am not too sure where it is located.
I have checked the thermostat, changed the radiator's upper hose pipe and flush cleaned the cooling system.

Accent 1.5 12V SOHC (2003)
Alpha Engine
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