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about the stiff lc slave cylinder

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as we know, the LC's manual shifter and lcutch pedal feel aren't refined as the japanese
the shifter's hesitant in emergency shift manuevers and the clutch make's for a very sore feet due to it's annoying stiffness

i looked at the slave cylinder closley and wondered if a spring loaded cylinder instead of a hydraulic piston cylinder would help soften up the clutch pedal,

i mean, i drive many other new car's and the clutch is as soft as a down pillow
i tried the clutch slave cylinder plate mod but it doens't help at all
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if u think its stiff try a act 2600 on a dsm lol thats 1 hell of a workout
what clutch cylinder plate mod? is that the one where you take the spring out?
I like to feel my clutch. That's what i'm used to. So when I hop into a BMW and can't feel the clutch at all it's so soft, i'm lost.
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