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i am selling my accent for 3k or beter offer.
1995 3dr ,ONLY 49,235milles!!!!! CAR IS IN EXCELENT CONDIDION
it has 16"TSW's with Supra tires(250/40/16)
K N air filterc
Clear Corners
Weapon r exhaust
Costume super touring spoiler
WRX hood scoop
Foog lights
costume paitnded interior
Sony CD player
HID headlight bulbs
Auto 4speed
2" drop
Bosh Platinum +4 spark plugs
See more pics here

PS: please dont move this post to For sale forum..noone ever comes there

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i'm sorry but i moved this for a reason, thats what the sale forum is for. anyone that comese to the accent forum, probably already has one anyway. locked.

and please don't repost, after a post ahs been locked or moved.

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my car is yellow. [email protected]
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