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Have 2 Accents
Accent cs 94
1.Race cam
3.Adj. Fuel pres. regulator
4.K&N Air filter.
5.4 into 2 into 1
6.57mm stainless free flow
7.Ported head
Accent 99
1. 2.0 L tib engine
2. 2.0 L tib box.
3.ECU piggy backed with programable ecu.
4.Fuel pressure regulator mod.
5.K&N air filter
6.16" mads x 205 tyres
ANDY ROSS( South Africa)


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Rudy !
In the 2.0L accent we are running the std 1.6 intake cam, as it has 4 degrees more duration than the 2.0L.
The other accent has a 287 degree( a bit lumpy,and only did a 18 sec. 1/4 mile (too slow)
Looking for an article on S-coupe turbo kit and how to fit it on an accent.
That`s my new project.
Andy Ross<img src=icon_smile.gif border=0 align=middle>

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