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Accent Stopin Power

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I am glad that thing is lite. I was behind a ZX3 going down one of the main roads in this town.. i had cars to the left of me and i was in the far right lane.. the focus decieded to wait untill the last second to avoid an S-10 sitting completely still... his windows were to dark so i couldn't see it.. i wasn't even rideing his ass. I had no were to go.. to many cars to my left so it was up to the brakes.. witch stoped me with a few feet to spare.. big cloud of smoke drifted away after i came to rest. Scared the crap out of me.

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Trust me I know what happens when you heat those pads and rotors to much... You just don't stop! I was driving my friends teg one night, racing my other friends teg, and when I was about to stop in one corner, I didn't and I had to re-merge back onto traffic at the last minute... I did some nasty sh*t to avoid an accident. Brakes are freaking important, and most people leave it as the last mod, that needs to change!
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