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ACT clutch help please

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I can only find and ACT clutch kit for the scoupe turbo but the pressure plate is 215mm instead of 200mm which is the accent one. So my question is that if I use the flywheel from the scoupe (215) to my accent and the scoupe clutch kit from the scoupe will this work out or not?
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just use the clutch kit from a non turbo scoupe 94 and up
And this will fit w/o any mods? I mean does the scoupe N/A uses the same clutch kit as the LC?
bump! Will the flywheel from the scoupe turbo fit the LC?
it will fit with no mods the lc with the 1.5 use the same ones
The scoupe N/A clutch fits the LC without any problems? If so, then it'll be cheaper for me.
yees it fits
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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