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Acura CL Type S.

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So comming back from work i turn left onto a two lane 50 mph highway. Im fourcars back, and it front is a Cl Type S, white two door, nice looking car. The light goes green, i just idle on through into third gear and the traffic parts and we are both in the same lane, the fast lane. So i give it a little, and he gives it alot. Not one to be outdone i give it all. Now this is thrid gear, 40 mph, 3k rpm. Not exactly in the power band, but ill get there soon. He starts to pull away, but just as he does.. i hit the magic number, 4500 rpm, and off i go. I start to pull on him, gainning now as i grab 4th at 75ish, going into the slow lane i come up on him, 5th gear, i pass him and wave, give a big smile, then laugh like a manic as i back off three cars in front of him at 105. He started 6 car lengths ahead of me, and started first. Im proud of my car.:D
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you beat a 260hp 3500lb car (power weight = 13.46:1), starting in to high of a gear (40mph in third... ), shifting 15mph before redline into the next gear, then beat it overdrive before 4th is done. In a car with a power to weight ratio at best of 16.4:1... also this car is a slick v6 and it was a roll/high speed run. Im gonna have to say you beat the driver, not a CL TypeS
Older Cl. Slushbox too.. Yeah, problbaly the driver but still. Oh, and i had NO gas so that helps.
hey my friend a win is a win no matter how big.....:smoking:
How do you screw up a roll start with an auto? :ermm: Not push the gas hard enough? As it was the hyundai was being driven wrong. Roll me at 40mph in 3rd and see how fast I walk away. Thats waayyy to low rpm wise for the beta. Im not going to call total BS. I took one out from a roll but it was a stick and wasn't being driven right. Drive like that at the track and you will loose a full second, trust me I tried it just to see. Those acuras, even older ones, are not that slow unless it had problems.

cujo... I understand that. You atleast need to make sure the other car was actually trying and not just screwing around before claiming a kill. About 70% of the wins I get are from driver skill and not an ubamadfast hyundai. Esp at the track. avg. .0XX r/ts own most import owers ;): Man I need to get back on a track bad. :ermm:
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If that would off been the more rare 2003 Acura CL Type-S 6speed manual you would been blown away so bad. Even if you're turbo or whateverz, those things can do high 13 seconds quarter mile with N/A mods. I want one but the 6 speed are so hard to find, plus its like close to $20,000 when you do find one thats 6 speed...check out many sexy looking CL Type-S...

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