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adjusting cams

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I got a 1.5L SOHC and i was wondering if you have to adjust your cams to a certain degree or if they just drop right in, i checked the chilton books but they all just tell you how to take it out and put it back in, nothing about adjusting them.
the reason i'm asking is because i need to take the top end apart and i'm gonna change my timing best and have to tighten my valve lifters because of a knocking sound im getting.
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I don't think there is an adjustment involved. You need to line it all up. Their are marks on the gears (crank & cam) & on the block. Make sure you are at top dead center on number one piston and your marks line up & you should be fine.

Good luck on the timing belt It is the biggest B**th job on the engine. Crankshaft bolt gives everyone problems
i'm just changing it because its about time and i'm gonna have the top end broken down anyways...might as well. thanks for your help i'll tell you how it goes. Also if anyone knows where i can pick up a Chilton's or Hayes book for my 2000 Accent 1.5 SOHC it would be greatly appreciated!
they dont make them but u can buy hyundai accent shop manual.....but u could also look on webtech its the same stuff
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