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aftermarket cd player inst.

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So I finally got my dash kit online after best buy kept giving me the wrong type. I got it all set up and ready to put in, all I had to do was wire in the harnesses. But it seems like they dont match up, and after talking to a friend he said im going to have problems because its the infinity sound system and has stock amps. So if I try wiring in an aftermarket cd player is it going to mess anything up, do i need something extra or have to rewire anything?! Anyone who has installed an aftermarket cd player and had the infinity sound system I would really appreciate help on this project that has already taken way to long. Thanks
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You can install an aftermarket headunit to your Infinite sound system no problem. Just make sure you have the proper harness. As long as the harness is wired up properly to your HU, it will plug directly into the factory connector and you're good to go.
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