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again..newly installed LC ain't workin

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I guess i posted in wrong section, so let's try it again,

"Clears throat..takes deep breath..and frowns"

I just finished installing the necessary a/c parts in my LC Accent today.

A/C Lines
Discharge and suction lines
Compressor Belt
Hayden slim Fan for cooling

i turn the key, turn on the fan and switch ont he a/c switch which doe's light up the green LED which should indicate that that i should be getting cold air in the cabin, but none...all my money and time time ewasted on this shitty project and this is the result...#uck!!

The fan isn't spinning and the compressor clutch isn't engaging..i checked all fuse's and they're fine...i suspect a relay problem..

Can anyone help me on this topic before i get roasted tommorow delivering pizzas in the hot sun?

This issue is Code Red...I really need this Problem solved

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check your grounds for the a/c under the hood mine has a gound wire like either running to it or right next to it. I'm not exacly sure but it's worth a try.

Did you fill er up?

went to the dealership and found out my freon pressure was low and the thermistor wasn't connected which instantly turn the a/c on.

something i could've done easily cost me$185.00:dead::dead::dead::dead::dead::dead:
glad to hear your dilemma is solved. i also have a lack of patience, like it says on my ms post i wanted to slit my wrists for the last 3 weeks because i couldnt get the car to start. as in racing, sometimes slowing down gets things done faster.

hope you make up everything you spent and more in tip $
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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