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Air Condition Problems......... Please Help

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2001 Hyundai Elantra GLS

Alright here goes....

When you first turn the car on the AC runs great, nice and cold it does not matter what the speed selector switch is on in the car. As soon as the temp gauge on the dash reaches the mid way point which is normal operating temp the compressor shuts off and hot air is blowing. This is what I have eliminated so far.

Refridgeant pressures are normal on the high and low pressure sides.
Relays are good
Fuses are good
compressor is good
If you jumper the coil contacts on the relay the compressor will turn back on and blow cold air

I suspect that I have some wiring issue somewhere but the haynes manual that supposedly covers the 2001 elantra does not correspond the this model only up to 2000.

Any input or information on the wiring would be great, I have pretty much exhausted the resources at the HMA service web site too. Thanks in advance.
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Is your evap core freezing up? Two possible causes I can think of are the triple pressure switch not working correctly or the thermostatic switch in the evap..

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