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Well, I'm gonna sell everything I got in hopes of getting some funds together for a downpayment on a house so I can quit renting. Heres what I got:

-A pair of JLAudio 12W3's in great shape, in a custom sealed reg. cab truck box that gives each sub 1.0 cubic feet $200 for the pair in the box
-A pair of Pioneer TS-W5000SPL subs Suggested price on these is $900 a piece. Looking to get $800 for the pair. never got installed as my car crapped out right as I finish the box, and I bought a reg. cab truck.
-A pair of TC Sounds 8" TC2's Bought them for my reg. cab truck thinking they were as big as I could go, but then I fit my 12W3's in there and they've been sitting since. Looking for about $250 for the pair, which is what they cost new a piece
-And lastly for the sub selection, my 15" Adire Audio Tempest Bought this for my home theater setup, but as I've sold it all off for the same reason as I'm selling all this, I don't really have a reason to keep it. It kills me to sell it, but I really need to. Probably around $250

-I have 2 Earthquake PHD2 amps, moddified by Earthquake. These are the real world specs after testing the amps: On 12v with a line driver, we get 2400w RMS at 2ohms, 3200w RMS at 1ohm and upwards of 3500w RMS at .5ohm to .7ohm. One amp needs a capacitor replaced ($150 from TIPS), the other one is in perfect shape. Good one, $400. Repairable one, $250.
-Old school Clarion 4 channel amp. I still have to unpack this from the storage to get the model number and specs, but it puts out around 50w RMS x 4 at 4ohm. All 4 channels work great. $100

Everything is open to reasonable offer, so feel free to post, pm, or email me at [email protected] with questions/offers
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