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So i finally decided to get my shitbox running again, and heres what i ended up deciding. i am on a tighter budget now, but still wanted decent power, without thinking imma go BOOM at any moment.

so i got a 2mm decomp. spacer from SR, and a Garret t3/t4oe 50trim turbo which i am going to run at about 15-17psi on race days and 10-12 on daily driver days.

here is a current list of my turbo mods: and itll now have the 2mm (8.8:1) decomp. plate

T3/t40e 50 trim

Intake System
2.5” Charge Piping
Silicone couplers
2.5” outlet piping from turbo to IC
28” intercooler
61mm Throttle Body
AIR RAM Intake Manifold
Turbo Intake
AEM Filter
Custom oil catch can

Fuel System
Fuel Injector Spacer
Secondary Fuel Rail
340 cc secondary injectors
Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator
Walbro 255 lph Fuel Pump

Exhaust System
2.5” custom turbo back under the axle exhaust
8 ga stainless equal length exhaust manifold
38mm Tial Wastegate
Wastegate dump tube

Clutchmaster stage 4 clutch

Electronics/tuning devices
Autometer boost guage
PLX M-300 wideband 02 sensor and display
Greddy Emanage w/ Injector harness, Ignition Harness, Map sensor, Map sensor harness
Greddy Support tool with tuning laptop
TurboXS dual stage boost controller

2 Slimline Fans

i am hoping to be running aroung 260-270 whp at 16psi. i am going to tune it to about 11.5-12:1 AFR and be using 93-94 octane, eventually using alchohol injection, or some type of water injection.

what do you guys think :)

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Originally posted by WytchDctr
your going to run that kinda power thru a pegleg diff?
Thats what I was thinking..gonna need to something to keep leavin two strips instead of one big one...power is no good when it can't get put down correctly. Great setup though, I'll be interested to see how everything works out.

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not for long.. prob. wont be boosting that high until i can find a quaiffe or kaaz lsd, no phantom slip for me..
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