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Alright guy's with SMT-6

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I should be getting my SMT-6 in soon and was wondering if anyone could tell me what they did to get the most HP out of thier N/A engine.
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I guess no one has any experience in the matter. But a question some one else might be able to answer is, will i need to get a new oxegen sensor?
heh you're the one installing the smt6, not us. when you're done, you're supposed to post about what you've learned so the next smt6 guy can read it.
7 pages of smt-6 info...

the most you will be able to do is lean up the normally rich stock afr. you will need a wideband o2sensor to read it accurately though. you can adjust timing too but i doubt you will see any gains from it with a nz setup.
Thanks guys for all the help. Time to do a lil reading :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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