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alright the issue is that my car isn't starting (cranks ok)

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I have changed the the spark plugs, the ignition coils and the wires. The hmaservice told me that those where the only probable cause but the tech down at a auto shop refered me to the cam/crankshaft sensors or the ecu and I have been out of a car for about a week I would like to know what would be a easier way to figure this out. I have tired checking the spark plugs and I am not getting a spark, can anyone help?
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If your not getting a spark then work back from there. Check the coil and the wires.
Could be your fuel pump, if your getting a spark but its crankin and not turnin over its a problem with your fuel system. After you crank it do you smell gas?
he said he's not getting spark?

what kind of car do you have and did it just stop running or what? the tech is right that the cam and/or crank position sensors control spark.
Apparently I need to read better.
I have a 99 accent I got it to work today after I reseated the sensor but now its rough start plus its irradically changing gears and all when its seating at idle (around 1000 to 1900) it stutters and has a hard time accerating. Its making a weird smell while its running the car pretty much feels like it could die at anytime. I don't know what could be the problem I drove it to a auto shop and they said it would be a while but they are just diagnosing the car. I will get back on the subject after they tell me what the hell is going on.
I had it taken in the problems are as listed:
1. the spark plugs 1&2 lost there spark.
2. #2&3 fuel injectors were not working.
So if you run in to this problem you can also check to see if all of the lines are good cause at first I tried #1 and I didn't see a spark so I didn't continue on from there. So yes it was a fuel problem sorta.
well its back to not working I have ordered new fuel injectors and they should be here mid next week. I get paid on tuesday so I will be trying to get them in thursday so that I can get my car working again. I think I am in part of Gods joke. He tricked me with this car. But as soon as its working I plan to trade it in and get a toyota corrolla. any opinion on this car or other options.
by the way the spark is back now.
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