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Amp + Sub

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Can I use a 1600 watt amp for my 350 DVC sub?
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well it depends on the amp and sub. but since you didn't bother telling us the amp and sub I can not tell you for sure. it's but chances are you have a amp that claims high power that really won't ever put that much out. If you have a amp like that you probally have a sub that is the same way.
It isn't power that blows speakers it is distortion problem is that would go back to what solo said if your amp claims high it probably isn't very clean, eitehr way you can turn the gain down to not give so much power to the sub, plus if your sub is 4ohm DVC and you have a mono amp I doubt your amp can do anywhere near 1600 at 8 ohms, but once again we would need more info.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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