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and so it begins - my X3 turbo install day 3

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it was rainy and dark today, but I finally got the car into storage and started the tear down for the turbo install. I only worked about 45 minutes to an hour. I got all the intake off, new tib 2.0L throttle body on, and one bolt off the exhaust manifold.

tomorrow I hope to get the rest of the manifold bolts out and have the cat and exhaust unbolted from it.


the setup:

tib TB installed:

my workspace - a 10x20 storage unit with no power or heat - D-oh!

The catback I somehow plan to use with this setup. It's from SS Autochrome and made for a 95 accent, but I think with a cut and weld in just the right place, it'll join nicely to the downpipe:

Here's a full list of the components:
s-coupe manifold
Garrett T15 turbo
side-mount intercooler from a DSM with custom piping
Turbo XS blowoff
Tib Throttle Body, injectors, and MAF(don't have the friggin maf yet - grrrr)

I still need to get my RRFPR from summit racing and an SAFC(probably from ebay)

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Its nice to know some of my old parts are going to your turbo setup. Good luck matt.
coulda bought mine....
hey your pic dont work
you could have it all done in 4~5 hours or so :D
Originally posted by anthonyfa18
hey your pic dont work
stupid fotki:dead::dead::dead:

I'll fix them tonight - for now you can click here for the full picture album
Matt, are you going to swing by Burlington some day and give me a ride? It would be killer. I would drive to you but as you know my license is suspended. O and my rice mobile needs a new inspection.
more progress today! but no pictures, I'll have em tomorrow night.

what's done:

exhaust and manifold/cat all off the car(had to take off in one piece - grrr)
coolant drained
top radiator hose removed, thermostat and housing removed with accnet water line

tomorrow I'm gunna tackle:
installing the tib fuel injectors
removing the slave cylinder rod thingy to cut it down
install new thermostar housing and s-coupe water line

if all goes well, the manifold could be bolted to the car as soon as monday! :D8D:evil: ::happy dance::
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I installed my whole system in one day, the next day I was going to the muffler shop to make some piping:D

good luck!8D
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