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I'm having a hard time finding info on a swap I'm about to do.... please help....
I have very much experience with dsm's not hyundais, however I want to put one of my 4g63 motors in my new beater car (93 elantra 1.8L) I have a 16g and everything else for the install including the innercooler, piping, 550cc and 420cc injectors, factory turbo dsm fuel pump, gauges, manual boost controller, etc... I have it all. My question is will everything bolt in as people are telling me? What about the elantra's ecu? Can I run my AFC on it? Can I swap in a turbo dsm ecu and add the extra wires such as the knock sensor wire? Are the wiring harnesses the same for the dsm and elantra's ecu with exception of the turbo related wires?
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