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Anyone know much about the ECU 01 LC?

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Well, my friend Chuck ( and I are trying to find a way to tune the ECU. Knowing that its a Motronic speed density, Bosch knockoff, commonly used in VW's/Audi's. This can be done fairly simple. You just need someone that knows Motronic. Thank god my friend chuck is a VW guy, so we are going to try to find an easy way to tune. He is a tuner from the begining so hes pretty good. What I am going to try to do is get some good maps down and produce a good ECU. Save it on the computer. Ill keep you posted. This is kind of a win win situation, Because chuck wants to use the ECU's outa hyundais to use in older VW's. So we are experimenting right now.

But as I was saying... has anyone done this on their own? Im just wondering what to look for when we stick our nose into it. Plus does anyone have a wire diagram for the 2001 LC Accent? Manual? thanks.
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Sounds Intresting. You can get wiring diagrams from, you have to register but its free.
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