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anyone wanna talk 98 Lantras?

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i have a 98 Elantra dark green automatic unmod'ed at this point but wont be in the near future(when i get caught up on my rent) pictures as soon as it rains and cleaned the snowwash off the sides they wont be the best pictures cuz ill be using my laptop and webcam
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I have a 98 Elantra and it has been good to me for many years. I have cold air intake, bored intake, big bore throttle body, and water-power-and underdrive pulleys. I have never lost to a civic!
Me gots a 97. And it will be getting a slight performance enhancement with 8 psi via a Vortech V-5 supercharger once i get the courier swap done..
Dad's got a j2 1.6 beta '97 stock. Not a problem and runs good and fast

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Dad's got a j2 1.6 beta '97 stock. Not a problem and runs good and fast. DOUBLE POST!

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Originally posted by WytchDctr
water power?
Its magic. You non J2 people wouldnt understand it. ;):
this things are pretty quick as stock i was impressed the first time i drove it cuz its a buttload faster then the last car i had (93 mercury topaz it was a pile) and i <3 the ECT its my new best friend any idea what the gas tank size is cuz i dont have the manual to it:dead:
lol this topic died well ill talk to myself i love this car it handles nice its pretty quick and im a big fan of sunroofs i think the car looks awesome with it open over all i really like how this car looks its looks nice and sporty unlike the last car i had which looked like a pile i cant wait until i can start putting money into it first i need to get the seats cleaned then i plan on relocating the battery then CAI then maybe some nicer rims (two of the four hubcaps are alittle damaged) nothing too fancy no bling just some nice fivespokes maybe then id like to invest in a turbo maybe a sneekypete setup;): id like to paint the speaker covers in the back but not a scheme that would match the rest of the car ooh and i wanted to check out some new tint cuz theres a few pieces missing around and the front passenger doors tint is gone lol its pretty nifty i know
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The problem with reading your posts is that i cant breathe. Havent you heard of periods? and not the bloody ones? It just drivesmecrazywhenyoutalklikethis... aaaah! :):


Whats the point of this thread? To just say how in love we are with a giant hump of steel and plastic? So yeah.. i love my car. Thats about it, I dont think i need to go into great detail.
but if i used periods then you wouldnt have anything to complain about then basicly theres no reason for you to get online anymore which there for makes you life completly pointless so you should thank me for saving your life you owe me big buddy
I um have a life... this just happens to be part of it. What else is a highschool senior to do in his free time? Get wasted at parties? Sleep with random cheerleaders from other schools? Streetrace and terroize the neighborhoods? Hell... thats what i do on my off days from work... and for the rest of the time, i talk to people on here, and post stuff. But seriously... Try reading your posts in one breath without slowing down.. its comical.
well... lastnight on my drive home from work, this chic turned out infront of me and in slamed into her at 55-60. My car is totaled, which extremely blows, hopefully if i can i would love to get another hyundai. if anyone follows my posts youll be happy to know that my airbags worked. My brother said that if i got into an accident in that car id "die" which just means id be anywhere from very beaten up to dead. well i smaked my leg on the bottom of the dash and my arm got a little cut up from being in the way of the airbag and i have some seatbelt burn along my shoulder other then that im fine. at 55 i think the little damage i suffered is pretty impressive. i really loved that car, and i really hope that ill be able to get another hyundai.
aarrrgghh!! now ur both talking like this where theres no gaps or full stops its way annoying can you seperate things so if i get bored of once sentance i can move onto the next and kno where it starts instead of typing on and on like this,,.

ok anyway yeh i have a 97 lantra gls i plan 2 do a NA hybrid swap on it . i plan 2 put a genius body kit on it . the s type one not the stupid aeroplane wing one. itl have a sunroof. ill put some lovely rims on it. and maybe then ill i dunno what else can i do:p hehehehe
it seems funny to hear about a "fast" 97 elantra. I have a GLS, and it's slower than a bowel movement while constipated! It's an auto and I have an upgraded TCM on the way, hopefully that will help a little.
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