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I bought a set of APC side markers for $17.99 @ G.I. Joes. They were the square ones with orange bulbs. I started buy taking the clear top off and taping it to the side of the car to see what they looked like and measured the distances all out. Then I made sure I could wire them to my corner lights. I started on the passenger side with the antenna. Took the wheel well out and looked up. Where I was drilling into was where the antenna was but the length of the side marker was about 1 inch short of the antenna bracket. I started with a small drill bit and got bigger. Then I used a variable bit. To get the right sized hole. Then I stuck the light in the hole. I pulled the corner light out and pulled some wires through to the hole. Spliced the wires to the corner light and then tested to see if it worked. I didn't use the black boot though, I used some appoxy to keep it water tight.

The whole process took 1 1/2 hours to drill it and wire. It is pretty easy if you know how to drill holes without bending metal and splice wires. I figured it'd take 3 hours or so.

I have a question for XLR8, do you know if they would have any performance chips for the X2? I'm also going to do the DIY CAI.

Pictures of the side markers will come shortly

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