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Good move in deciding to lower your ride... it'll improve handling performance.

Here's some input:
I have Intrax - lowering springs installed in my 98 Elantra which gives me about an 1" gap from wheel to fender in front and 1.5" at the back... pretty much what I wanted, altho' I'd be happier if they were both 1" gap front and back.
According to the guy who sold me the springs, Eibach and H&R springs are about the same except for price coz' Eibach spends a lot on advertising making their springs too pricey - more like paying extra for the name "Eibach". They'll probably last 10 years before sagging occurs and highly recommended if you'd like to keep your car that long.
Intrax is also made in germany but cheaper by about 50 bucks compared to H&R and probably would last about 5 years before it starts to sag. The Intrax drop is lower compared to H&R if you check their specs.
I have no info on Apex springs. Sorry.

Just be careful when you install aftermarket springs coz' I'm experiencing "vibrating noise" at the rear whenever i hit a bump which weren't there before my install... still trying to figure out where the noise is coming from.

Hope this helps.
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