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project betty blue is a 2009 accent gls sedan my mom is going to give me when she buys a newer vehicle. the oem paint has oxidized and clear coat failing that the car is in need of a total repaint. which when i do i pan to add some upgrades to the vehicle. like new light* housings that where left off at the factory. like the fender side markers and fog lights. i want to do some other mods which im tying to figure out if it is even possible. which brings me to my question. i it possible to put the upper grill from the hatchback and put it on the sedan model???? ive been looking at replacement panels and from what i can tell the front bumper cover and hood are the same part numbers for both the sedan and hatchback. i know they all used the same headlights too. but according to my local macco body shop who checked with there supplier for the answer too my question. supplier admits everything around the upper grill is the same but yet the hatchback grill wont fit,

dose anyone know if a 2009 hatchback's sportier upper front grill will fit and bolt onto the same year sedan?

Thanks in Advance:
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