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ask: unichip dastek for hyundai accent gls?

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i want to buy dastek unichip for my accent gls,...
but i dont know what kind of type unichip for my accent gls?
type A , B , C , D or else?
please explain it:bandit:
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Well I haven't heard much about them but from what I have heard although you will probably pick up 10% hp or so it's not much for the price.

You'd be better off with a Beta swap for the $800 or so you'd spend on the piggyback.

Just my opinion.
The Dastek unichip is the cheaper piggyback computer avaliable. I have a dastek unichip installed in my 1995 elantra with a gain of 12 bhp at the wheels running a 2.0l sonata engine. i presume that you live in South Africa in which case it would be the cheapest upgrade at R1800. But if you would like better gains it would be best to have a good exhaust system installed before installing the unichip.:smoking:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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