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I'm not sure how into this are you guys...

but will you guys be talking with UFB on about possibly bringing their 3 stage turbo into North America?

The thread is found at

Though right now I am not interested in the 2.0L personally, it would be a nice place (Kore) to go to instead of having to deal with people in South Africa.

Will I be buying a kit? Not personally, but my friend wants to buy a 2002 Elantra GT, and quite possibly in the spring when the snow melts he wants to work on getting that engine turbo charged.

I know a lot of other people would be extremely interested cuz UFB and his boys sound like they know what they are doing (performance and reliability, not performance sacrificing reliability).

From how Alpine turned out, it was a large disappointment. Also other then the *possibility* of Veilside producing a turbo, you guys would have the Tiburon/Elantra (2.0L) market pretty well cornered. Other then custom setups of course.

PLS let me know if there can be any "rumoured" possibility.
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