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attention all beta LC owners

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if there's one thing we can all agree on when we beta swapped our LC's it s the coil pack bracket,

The Alpha Bracket won't fit in the beta and
the beta bracket won't fit the alpha coil packs.

is the only way to make the fit is buy some sheet metal and make my own?
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Yes. Thats what I had to do. Nothing else works from the research I did during my swap.:dead:
i made a hybrid kinda bracket out of both brackets.

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that's ingenious.
i thought thats what every one did :dead:
why can't u just use the beta coil? that's what i have on my beta x3?
the beta coils could be used but i just decided to do that rather than spend 2 minutes figuring out the wiring. the plugs were in a different orientation.
i tried to use the beta coil's but the alpha wiring harness hated it and my car wouldn't start, it'd turn but would never fire up,

the alpha harness conspired against the beta coil's
cause the engine fired up after i reconnected the alpha i found out with ben while trying to buy his beta coils packs.
its because the plugs don't plug in in the same order. they are the same shape but plug in different directions. making the wrong plugs fire.
it took me about 3 minutes to wire up the beta coils. you have a common 12v source, two grounds (one for the 1,4 coil the other for the 2,3 coil) and a condenser wire. :smoking:

p.s. if anyone is interested my beta accent is still for sale, hasnt been moved in about 1.5 months;):
I didn't have to worry about any of this with my swap, but i am using the beta ecm and harness.
i wish i had a plasmacutter and a mig welder..aarrgghhh!!
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