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Been seeing a rash of Tiburons coming into the shop lately with the speedometer not working. the cause of this seems to be aftermarket car stereo installers wiring up the adapter harness incorrectly.

the vast majority of GK tiburons do not have external amplifiers, unless you have the factory subwoofer option, something that is very rare in the US post- 2005.

alot of installers do not realize this, and when they splice together the various colored speaker wires (green,white,purple,etc etc) they do not realize the blue "ampliefier signal" and "power antenna" wires are not needed for this application as tiburons do not have power antennas and most of them do not have factory amps.

the result of actually connecting the blue and blue w/ white stripe (universal stereo color language) in the adapter harness and plugging it into your dash harness causes a back-feeding condition that supplies voltage to a ground circuit not used in the US market but still in the harness of the cars thus resulting in the Speedo/and odometer not working.

After spending a few hours on the first car that came in with this condition we began seeing a growing trend of cars that had all had systems installed at the same place.

So, in a nutshell. if you put a cd player in your tib, and your speedo doesnt work after...pull your dash trim and snip the 2 blue wires in the adapter harness and you'll be ok.
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