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automatic not shifting great after some boost!!

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Just finished a 03 accent gsi and at 5psi if i put it in drive and floor it, it pulls awesome but i need to lift the gas a bit to help it shift?? If i don't it does not shift and then check engine comes on flashing (guess it kicks in safe mode). Not too familiar with the way this tranny is control. is there a way to help it without opeing the automatic and doing some mods? THanks
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Do you have an aftermarket torque converter? If not, get one. I have no clue where, but it's extremely necessary lol...the stock one has trouble even with stock power going through it. Umm...otherwise, I can't think of what it may be.
your best bet and what i would like to see you do is get a torque convertor from they have some good quality convertors. Also after you get it installed, PLEASE let us know the difference and if possible get on a dyno with that 8 psi tuned. This way i can get some numbers in my head, Thank you and good luck with your project
do you have a tranny oil cooler?
Same question here as vamps. Perhaps your overheating the tranny.... I wouldnt even try to boost the auto w/o the cooler after hearing all the stories....
yeah we wanted to see how it would react before doing anything else. everything is A1 but the tranny. I will add a cooler then maybe the torque converter but customer has spent alot and i don't think he will go for a torque at this time. We have already spoken about this winters plans wich would include a Full Standalone and depending on the tranny, he would convert to manual.
go to they have 3 stages of torque convertors for the accent and they are not that expensive. goodluck
Just remember, as you fix one weak link, another surfaces. The clutches in the tranny will be next.
its not
what jonas said^^. I'm going to check something out with the automatic, since everyone bashes it. I'll get the aftermarket stage 3 torque convertor, and bulletproof the tranny, maybe even get a really expensive LSD, all depends on how much money i have at the time. I'm hoping to show you all what an automatic can and will do once everything is complete. Also i'll make a list of what i did / used for the tranny. Get R DONE lol. Hope your project comes along good.;):
if i had continued w/ my accent, levelten would have been one of my next steps. my tranny held up pretty well considering. any time i beat on it though, i would shift through the gears myself (bump it from 1/L to 2, etc) i never let the ecu make the decision when i was being 'spirited'

the other thing now, too, is because your ecu will measure the engines 'work load' the turbo has a great affect on that so for example, down shifting may not occur when the turbo is there to provide the boost. one downside of a lockup torque convert on a turbo car maybe?

definately get a cooler and hopefully no damage has been done already. check the fluids, possibly change them. also, does it stick in a certain gear? could be a bad ground or an electrical issue. for a certain period of time mine would stick in 2 or 3/D, 1st and OD would not function at all, i could manually shift to 2 but it would bang and stay there, then upshift to 3 when i moved the shifter back to D and stick there. it was a bad ground that caused that.
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Yay for autotragics! :sleepy:
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