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I had an Autostart AS-1775 remote start installed in my wifes car at the time of purchase (we bought the car new - 2010 Hyundai Elantra Touring GL w/ manual transmission). Everything was working fine, then about six months ago the remote stopped working.

Replaced Remote:
Thinking it was the remote (we lost the other one, and the second one was always finicky), I bought a new one and reprogrammed it. I managed to get the door locks to function but I couldn't get the car into "ready mode" to remote start.

Valet Mode
It sounded like the symptoms of being stuck in "Valet Mode" so I proceeded work on getting the car out of valet mode by turning the ignition (5x) and the remote method too. Still, I couldn't get the car into "Ready Mode".

Reset & Reprogrammed Module
I then decided to reset the module and reprogram and reprogram the remote again. Again, I can get the locks to work, but I couldn't get the the car into "Ready Mode".

Hood Pin
Then I suspected it might be the hood pin, so I took it apart, checked for continuity in the switch (all was good open and closed), and check the voltage and it checked out. I sprayed a little WD-40 in it and reassembled. But still, I can't get the car into "Ready Mode"

Seek Help
I admit that I'm not very electrically inclined but I'm not opposed to experimenting. Is there anything else that I should be checking for? It seems like it's stuck in "Valet Mode" but I'm certain that I set it out of valet mode.

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