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AWD elantra?

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I was talking to one of the parts specialist at a hyundai dealership and he told me that the new santa fe AWD system would fit on the elantras and tiburons. Anyone heard the same?
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Uhhh..... Sounds a little far fetched to me.:paranoid:

Any proof of such claim?
I really think it would be easier to take a tuscon (they share a chassis with the elantra not the santa fe) lower it and then put an elantra body on it. :ermm: I really really really seriously doubt that awd system could take alot over stock power levels. :ermm: Kinda along the same lines as why the new Caliber SRT-4 is fwd. So its futile in more than one aspect.
I'll go back tomorrow and get the details all the proof you need, they build awd rally tibs
yeah with a diffrent gearset in the trans :dead: Thats not even close to a stock santa fe setup. I still dont think you could get any real power thru that thing without problems (stock)
there was at one time a automatic tib that was awd with the santa fe drive train

cant remember the company but it was at a sema show like 3 years ago had two motors too...not quite what he was talking about, but close!
no that was mackentire wrong spelling of his name and i am sorry mike but he lives in el paso tx and the car ran a 11.20 without even strugling

no the car that i was talking about was a single engine V-6 with a santa fe auto and 4wd conv it was a gk body style
mikes was a rd

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